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Hi there,

i am back and i have another release of FPL for you all, which contains very important bugfixes, some improvements and a couple of new features ;-)

7 months of silence

Since the the corona pandemic my life changed from day one fundamentally, resulting in having no more free time at all - not a single minute!
Working from home, doing homeschooling with my kids and organizing our home was just too much, but i now somehow got situated and feel more motivated to get back to private coding, finally finishing up that beast of a project ;)

Back to the topic, the new version -> 0.9.5-beta

The new version is now released and can be fetched from the github page:

Btw. all todos and planned things are now ported over to the github repo and was removed from the header file.

This release finally contains the fix for the key-repeating issue on X11 and now supports bad-latency audio devices, such as broadcom (raspberry pi). The support for raspberry pi is still not complete, but works for the most part due to the POSIX sub-platform layer. Also there is now support for RDTSC() for ARM platforms as well.

Below are the full changelog for more details:

The next versions and future plans

For now i am focusing of working on the [to implement] issues:
Also i am planning to finish up the presentation demo to finally make a introduction video for FPL, which i then will upload to youtube.

- New: Added enum fplAudioDefaultFields
- New: Added field defaultFields to fplAudioDeviceFormat struct
- New: Added C++/11 detection (FPL_IS_CPP11)
- New: Added enum fplAudioLatencyMode to fplAudioTargetFormat
- New: Added function fplSetFileTimestamps()
- New: Added fplAudioDriverType to fplAudioDeviceFormat
- New: Added fplWallClock struct
- New: Added function fplGetWallClock()
- New: Added function fplGetWallDelta()
- New: Support for logging out keyboard button events (FPL_LOG_KEY_EVENTS)
- New: Added support for hard crashing on errors or warnings (define FPL_CRASH_ON_ERROR or FPL_CRASH_ON_WARNING) to enable it

- New: [Win32] Added implementation for fplSetFileTimestamps()
- New: [Win32] Added implementation for fplGetWallClock()
- New: [Win32] Added implementation for fplGetWallDelta()

- New: [POSIX] Added implementation for fplGetWallClock()
- New: [POSIX] Added implementation for fplGetWallDelta()

- Fixed: fplS32ToString() was not returning the last written character
- Fixed: fplStringAppendLen() was not returning the last written character
- Fixed: Fixed several warnings for doxygen

- Fixed: [Core] Added empty functions for fplCPUID(), fplGetXCR0() for non-x86 platforms
- Fixed: [Core] Implemented fplRDTSC() for non-x86 platforms

- Fixed: [POSIX] Fixed several compile errors

- Fixed: [Linux] Fixed non-joystick devices as gamepad detected
- Fixed: [X11] Fixed keyrepeat issue for text input (finally!)
- Fixed: [X11] Fixed duplicated key events in some cases

- Changed: FPL_MAX_THREAD_COUNT and FPL_MAX_SIGNAL_COUNT can now be overridden by the user
- Changed: Removed redundant field bufferSizeInBytes from fplAudioDeviceFormat struct
- Changed: Simplified audio system default values initialization
- Changed: Use default audio buffer size based on set fplAudioLatencyMode in fplAudioTargetFormat

- Changed: [ALSA] Introduced audio buffer scaling for bad latency devices

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