Short update

1 year, 7 months ago
I just want to give you a quick update about FPL.

I finally finished up my little side-project "Doxygen-Editor" (a powerful tool which supports me in writing any kind of C/C++ based doxygen documentations). Of course the tool is open-source, so you can build and try it out if you want - but its far from perfect and it was never planned to be used by anyone other than me, so it may not work for you.


FPL itself on the other side is basically unchanged since the release, due to the fact that i have spent all my freetime finishing up the doxygen-editor.

In addition, in the next couple of months i will be very busy with real life stuff and wont have much time for any of my private projects at all. So the next release for FPL will take some time, but we will see. I hope to have a blast and finish up all the X11 stuff in one or two evenings or so...

Of course i will constantly post updates about the current state, so stay tuned...
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