Back from holiday

2 years, 1 month ago
It was quiet on this project for a little while, but now i am back from holiday!
So here is a short progress about the current state of FPL and what is coming next.

What i have done since last time:

Since last time i haven´t done much, just added a few missing key translations (plus, comma, minus, etc.) and fixed up the C++ enum operator macro.

But i added another game demo (FPL_Towadev) which is a technical tower defence clone i am making for a code challenge.

While making this game, i needed a sort of game framework for loading fonts, doing rendering, mathy vectors, etc. so i started to built a game framework which is based on FPL. Also i moved all dependencies from all demo projects into a "dependencies" folder.
Oh and i have written two more libraries in the repository -> Final XML and Final Memory.

What will come next:

Clean up

- Correct code documentations
- Bugfixes

Finish up the linux platform:

- Gamepad support
- Window resizable/decorated/floating
- Window minimize/maximize
- Window cursor show/hide
- Clipboard text set/get
- Get memory usage stats

Finish documentation:

- Add missing sections into the doxygen documentation

Beta 0.9

After i finish up all these things, i will start a extensive beta testing program and then release it as "1.0".
Jeremiah Goerdt
2 years, 1 month ago
Welcome back! Good to see things moving again. I've been lurking and keeping an eye on how things are going.

Keep it up ;-)
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